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Afford More By Shopping Your Mortgage

3/28/2023 – VIDEO – We were curious what the spread was today from the bottom of the range to the top of the range of mortgage rates, so we did some calculations.  Turns out you can afford roughly 12% more today by using the most competitive lender vs using the most expensive.  Rather than look at this in terms of saving a few hundred bucks per month we prefer to think about how much extra house you can get for the same money.  It’s just like shopping for anything else; you can make your dollars go further if you put in a little work.  Considering how much savings you can realize on such a large transaction like a mortgage, it’s pretty incredible that somewhere around half of borrowers still don’t shop around.  We’ll keep beating this drum because when borrowers shop, brokers like us win.

Daniel Hennek

Principal Broker – Owner

NMLS 198218

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